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At Aforce Vending, our sleek new equipment meets ADA standards and comes with iVend guaranteed product delivery, so you never have to worry about your snacks getting damaged or stuck. We accept cashless payments via apps such as iPay and Google Pay. If you’re ready to get started, you can reach out to us by using the form on our contact page or call us at (217) 200-2898¬†for more information!

Seaga Naturals2Go 4000 Combo

Seaga Naturals2Go 4000 Combo*

This combo machine improves productivity as it eliminates the need for employees to run out to local convenience stores for lunch or break time & accommodates a huge selection of drinks & snacks. Read more...

*subject to availability

Selectivend WS5000 Snack Vending

Selectivend WS5000 Snack Vending*

Offering simple installation and easy maintenance, this plug-and-play vending machine can display up to 40 snack selections, with room for 630 total products. Read more...

*subject to availability

Dixie Royal 660 Beverage Vending

Dixie Royal 660 Beverage Vending*

This beverage vending machine is a high capacity stack vendor with a drop sensor to ensure customer receives product or a refund. This machine will vend 20oz / 16.9oz bottles / 12oz cans and Read more...

*subject to availability

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